Hola Birders,
Happy Sightings: 6 Killdeers, 2 Kingbirds, 2 Cliff Swallows, 2 Spotted 
Sandpipers, Marsh Wren

My Sister Noa & I are Reporting this Morning From the Bronx Pelham Bay Park's 
Turtle Cove, the  Lagoon, the Metal Bridge & Grassy Puddles adjacent to Orchard 

Yellow Warbler
Common Yellowthroat Warbler
Warbling Vireo
6 Double crested Cormorants 
Baltimore Oriole
Mallard Ducks
Cliff Swallows 
Tree Swallows
Rough winged Swallows
Barn Swallows
Rock pigeons
Ring Billed Gulls
Great Black Back Gull 
Common Tern
E. Starlings
Cedar Waxwings
Red Winged Blackbirds
12 Catbirds
Marsh Wren
Carolina Wren
House Wren
Northern Cardinal
6 American Goldfinches 
Northern Mockingbirds
4 Great Egrets
4 Snowy Egrets
6 Killdeers
2 E. Kingbirds 
2 Spotted Sandpipers 
2 Turkey Vultures 
2 Chipping Sparrows
American Robins
House Sparrows
Canada Geese

The day lent itself for a perfect Birding Day, light breeze, green 
Fields with wild berries & flowers growing here & there. & in the distance we 
even saw Deer!
It was all So Radiant!!!

Mayra & Noa
Everyone:Don't Forget to Check for Ticks!

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