In case anyone wants to look for these birds, here are a few more details.
Starting at the gate at the southern end, the trail climbs gently but steadily 
for a few hundred yards.  Then it plateaus.  I found the birds a couple hundred 
yards in on the plateau.  As a landmark, I've included (if it goes through 
here) a photo of a fairly distinctive log that was on the left (west) side of 
the trail.  It has two obvious bracket fungi. Listen for the birds' drumming.  

Bob LewisSleepy Hollow NY

    On Saturday, July 20, 2019, 10:31:04 PM EDT, Robert Lewis 
<> wrote:  
  The Roosevelt Truck Trail is near Newcomb.  Google it for directions.
Approximately 43.918648, -74.012845 this morning around 9:45 I had two 
Black-backed Woodpeckers.  I walked in from the southern end.  I've posted some 
photos on the New York birders facebook page.
Also there were about five Ruffed Grouse, a Blackburnian, a Yellow-rumped, and 
a Magnolia.  Quite a few Winter Wrens, Hermit Thrush.

Bob Lewis 
Sleepy Hollow NY


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