Hi all.
Liberty Lane is the dirt lane which goes northeast off Oil City Road opposite 
the entrance to the parking lot and platform of the Wallkill River NWR, NY. 
There have recently been unpleasant confrontations between the farmers who own 
Liberty Lane and birders, where a farmer has threatened to call 911 for birders 
We don’t know the reason for the change in heart, as we’ve been birding there 
for years.
What follows below was posted in the Mearns Bird Club Yahoo listserv by Karen 
Miller the club president who asked me to post it on New York Birds for the 
information for birders from outside Orange County who visit this hotspot.
Ajit I Antony

After so many confrontations with the farmer on Liberty Lane (Wallkill River 
National Wildlife Refuge, Pine Island, NY), I decided to talk to someone this 
morning at the refuge headquarters to confirm that we can no longer bird on 
this dirt road that bisects part of the refuge across the road from the Oil 
City Road platform. I also made a trip to the Town of Warwick Town Hall to 
verify that this is a private road. 
It was confirmed that Liberty Lane is owned by the farmer and that the 
right-of-way is intended for Refuge staff only, in order to access the Refuge 
property across from Liberty Loop. The Refuge staff has no say about birders 
using that road. Even though we've been birding there for several years, the 
farmer no longer wants us there, and he is less than pleasant when he sees us 
on the road. I encountered him several weeks ago as I was walking back from the 
pond by myself and he was extremely insulting to all birders. 
It is disappointing that this section of the Refuge is off limits for us, but 
this road is private property. Of course, the Liberty Loop is open to us for 
birding, as is the Winding Waters Trail that starts next to the river. Feel 
free to contact me if you need further clarification. 

Karen C Miller - President
E.A.Mearns Bird Club


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