I guess the Brown Pelican is long gone. All that remain are memories and 
pictures. If anyone is interested, I uploaded a couple of yesterday’s pix to my 
web site (which was in need of an update) -- http://stevewalternature.com/ . 
The pelican did get a lot closer for later visitors. 


As noted by Doug F. on another forum, the three Common Loons in the Jones Beach 
boat basin are interesting to look at – different than typically seen around 
here. So I did make a point of photographing them, as I did of the equally 
cooperative Black Scoters and Common Eider. Yea, a typical August day at Jones 


Throw in two Royal Terns that flew in and flew out.



Steve Walter


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As of 12:40 pm the Brown Pelican is sitting on the cement jetty next to the 
Coast Guard Station 


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