This morning, August 10, I birded Coney Island Creek Park, with almost the
entire time spent on the dune to the northwest of the westernmost bunch of
trees. The majority of the birds engaging in morning flight were far away,
with relatively few close birds, likely due to the intensity and direction
of the wind. Most of the discernible migration was to the south of the
park, and I tallied a reasonable number of migrants heading west over Sea
Gate. The majority of these were Red-winged Blackbirds (570), Chimney
Swifts (175), and Eastern Kingbirds (68), with smaller numbers of Cedar
Waxwing, Brown-headed Cowbird, and a few warblers. 4 Cliff Swallows and a
Northern Rough-winged Swallow,

I had to leave fairly early, while the flight was still ongoing, but on the
short walk out of the park I found a PROTHONOTARY WARBLER. It wasn't acting
particularly frenetic, so it's possible that it will remain for the day
before moving on.

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Good Birding
-Doug Gochfeld. Brooklyn, NY.


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