Another night of favorable migration winds led to yet another morning vigil
at Coney Island Creek Park monitoring the visible migration. It was similar
in many ways to yesterday, with the clear blue skies making high warblers
calling overhead virtually impossible to see, and varying numbers of
icterids (more than yesterday), kingbirds (fewer), swallows, and swifts
(fewer) moving as well.

The distinct highlight was a *WHITE-WINGED DOVE* that was in view for a
minute or so as it flew over Sea Gate to my southwest. It made a couple of
high loops (seemingly trying to decide what to do once it came to the end
of the land) before I lost sight of it.
This is only the 2nd record of the species for Brooklyn, despite its
essentially annual appearances on the outer barrier beaches of Long Island.

Other notable differences between today and yesterday were the arrival of
numbers of Blue-gray Gnatcatchers (14 this morning, after detecting 0
yesterday), an uptick in Waterthrushes, and an Empidonax flycatcher that
looked to me to be a Willow, which would be perhaps the most expected
species here given the date.

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Good Birding!
-Doug Gochfeld. Brooklyn, NY.


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