Correction: Western Kingbird was at northeast side of landfill, not
northwest. Was no longer present there around 5pm when I and others checked
again but apparently was also missing there at that time yesterday, so may
still be around. (Meant to update from field but phone died.)

Good luck to anyone who may be trying tomorrow or beyond.

Adrian Burke
Manhattan, NYC

On Sun, Aug 18, 2019, 4:19 PM Adrian Burke <> wrote:

> Western Kingbird was present (may very well still be) when I and others
> were last looking (maybe 2:45?) at northwest end of landfill west of
> ballfields. It repeatedly returned to bare snags on north side of the road
> there.
> At the landfill, a skittish Upland Sandpiper continues, occasionally
> flying around giving good looks and listens to flight calls, but hard to
> see on the ground. It's been ranging over most of the area of the landfill,
> seemingly not faithful to any particular spot. Generally the
> western/southern part of the landfill.
> Good birding,
> Adrian Burke
> Manhattan, NYC


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