The WEKI was seen at the usual spots at Croton Point Park by 7-8 people between 
about 7:45 and 11:20.
Today it was seen low in the brushy area on the cap only early, around 7:45, 
AFAIK.  Around 8:45 it appeared in the high dead snags that it favors, then 
moved a bit west to the tree with all the berries.  That tree is right on the 
main road about 300 feet west of the high snags.  Then it returned to the high 
snags.  Both of those tree perches are not very good for getting a really good 
view of the bird.  A scope is desired.

However, I discovered a new vantage point.  Pay at the kiosk (free after 5:00 
on weekdays), then immediately turn right and drive up to the field where they 
fly model airplanes.  Park and walk south.  It is easy to find a vantage point 
to see the same dead snags from here.  You will be in the shade, 30 feet 
higher, and closer to the bird.
I will soon post photos that I took from this new vantage point on the New York 
Birders facebook page.
Bob LewisSleepy Hollow NY


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