Dear New York Birders,

We learned today that Miriam Levine passed away yesterday, peacefully at home.

For more than 70 years, Mickey was an sharp observer of birders, scoring their 
strengths and flaws with an inimitable wit. Her husband Manny forged a 
prominent role in the New York birding community, starting young before World 
War II, then taking an active role in Long Island birding after his return from 
service and during the post-war blossoming of birding culture.

Generations of birders have known Mickey. An accomplished sculptress, she 
fashioned many memorable pieces in many media. Her bronze Kingbird sculptures 
have for decades been a ceremonial means of honoring the presidents of the 
Federation of New York State Bird Clubs and the New York State Ornithological 
Association. Her incisive sociological observations, covering more than a half 
century of meetings of the Linnaean Society of New York, and the inception of 
world birding, could fill volumes. Often related to the Baldwin team during 
afternoon breaks from the Southern Nassau County CBC for cocktails at the 
Levine home, her stories surely helped to shape our views of the world.

We celebrated Mickey's 96th birthday with her just last week, at that home, 
with her aide Anna and longtime friend Joan Quinlan. We are saddened at losing 
her; there are so many things we will never learn, or never again be coaxed 
into remembering--dependent now forever on our own fragile memories.

Her life was a great one, and she shared so much with so many of us.

Shai Mitra & Patricia Lindsay
Bay Shore


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