I discovered this week that my favorite birding spot in Hudson Yards, just 
north of 36th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues, was bulldozed.  I guess it 
was inevitable that to most people this steep slope of overgrown weeds and 
trees between railroad tracks and an abandoned  auto shop would be considered 
an eyesore, but it was favored by birds over the manicured high-tech “green 
spaces” of Bella Abzug Park and the Vessel Plaza. It’s that the swiftness of 
its demise is just a shock.  A bulldozer sits in the vacant lot behind the 
chain-link fence festooned with new “active driveway” signs.  The beautiful fan 
of ivy that covered the auto shop was cut at the roots and turning brown.  All 
I could see was a pair of Gray Catbirds chasing each other through one of the 
last remaining trees, filled with its final season's bounty of black berries.

On a better note - I spotted the first returning warbler, a Common Yellowthroat 
across the tracks in the bushes.  On the south side of the street, in an 
abandoned parking lot where the grasses have been slowly taking over around a 
couple of stagnant pools, my first Northern Mockingbird for the area, a 
juvenile, doing its robotic shoulder shrug - bringing the count to 31 species.

Alan Drogin

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