Both birds showed well, even together in the same photo frame at times, however 
if your on your way now those two birds and the flock they are associated with 
moved east to the volleyball courts and then north and I lost them around 
3:30pm. Finding a sparrow flock of at least ten sparrows with a few cowbirds 
mixed in would be a recommended way of searching...other birders had found the 
bird just a few hundred yards east of the pay tolls at field two and they stuck 
around for a bit, then about a hundred yards at a time the whole flock went 
tree to tree until flying slightly south into the volleyball courts then north 
into a tree near the volleyball nets and then north and out of my sight...very 
possibly they will reset back to the preferred spot a few hundred yards east of 
the toll booths again, at least that would be the hope!! Good luck- Kev

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