We still have spaces available for the 34-35 hour Brooklyn pelagic
scheduled for 9/21-22. The summer species we search for should still be in
the area but it should be a better time for migration of jaegers, terns,
and phalaropes as well. The trip is scheduled to leave Sat, Sep 21 at 8:00
AM and return Sun, Sep 22 at 6:30 PM. The cost is $360.

The extra long trip allows us time to work the Hudson Canyon waters on the
way out, spend hours in the deep water before dark, and have our normal
full pelagic the next day. This extra time gives us more chances of finding
good birds and other marine life.

As usual people will be allowed to board and pick their sleeping spaces in
the order that they sign up. Sleeping accommodations are benches and
floors, so expect to be camping on the high seas. There is a galley so hot
food will be available.

Go to our website to sign up or contact us for more information if you have
questions. Hope some more of you can make it.



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