Hi Robert,

This is my e-bird report from yesterday. The place is called “Pine Island Turf 
Nursery and it is a commercial sod farm (and other crops too). Generally, they 
leave birders enter the farm during the weekends and when they are not actively 
working on the fields. If they have the “were are open” sign on display, please 
go into the office and ask for permission to enter the farm. The Sandhill 
cranes come to this site very often (they fly from the Wallkill River Wildlife 
Refuge to this place that is about one or 2 miles away from the refuge). 
Yesterday, in addition to the SandHill cranes, I saw two American Golden 
Plovers too.


All the sod farms and agricultural fields in Pine Island are good places to 
find shorebirds during the fall migration. You have Skinner’s lane (e-bird 
hotspot) and you have the sod farms near Route 12. You can also contact active 
birders who are members of the Mearns Bird Club.



Black-bellied and American Golden Plovers have been seen often during the fall 
migration (generally, early in the morning). There a couple of reports from the 
last 2 weeks or so.

Check the e-bird reports for Orange County, NY.


Good Luck!


On Sep 9, 2019, at 4:09 PM, Robert Lewis 
<rfer...@yahoo.com<mailto:rfer...@yahoo.com>> wrote:

I am interested in detailed birding advice for Orange County, especially the 
"black dirt region."

I have been to Pine Island and the Liberty Lane area.  Apparently Liberty Lane 
is private property and closed to entry now.

Apparently some Sandhill Cranes have been seen recently nearby; also American 
Golden Plover. I would like to see detailed directions to where they were seen, 
as well as a sort of "birders guide to the black dirt region."   Searching on 
line with google has not brought up very much.   Which dirt roads can one drive 
on?  What areas to avoid?

Bob Lewis
Sleepy Hollow NY

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