After volunteering at the Tribute In Light in lower Manhattan overnight
September 11-12, I drove straight to Coney Island Creek Park in Brooklyn on
Thursday morning to see if the overnight cold front had produced any

There was a modest flight of songbirds evident at the park, with dozens
each of warblers, Bobolinks, and Cedar Waxwings. The lack of volume wasn't
terribly surprising given the late passage of the front and the light radar
signature overnight. Though from a favorable direction, the wind was light,
and this conspired with the steadily clearing skies to allow migrants to
stay fairly high in the sky, with plenty of warblers going by unidentified
(including some calling overhead unseen).

A second motive for checking the park rather than collapsing into bed was
that pre-dawn rain (which was evident yesterday morning looking south from
Manhattan and at the radar) often produces interesting birds on the ground
in Coney Island, even in the absence of a visible diurnal migration flight.

Indeed, as I birded my way through the woods between the beach and the
street, I came upon a *CONNECTICUT WARBLER* foraging in the open
understory. After a while I was able to confirm *TWO* slightly different
looking individuals when they were cooperative enough to both be in view
simultaneously. One of them was apparently a young male, and in addition to
some chip notes, it was doing a half-hearted whisper song- a behavior I
haven't experienced from these seldom seen fall skulkers.

An eBird list with a couple of low quality but demonstrative recordings of
the vocalizations (and some photos of both individuals) is here:

This is the fourth new species added to the park list for this tiny patch
since southbound migration started this year, after Prothonotary and
Cerulean warblers and White-winged Dove in August.

While running through my photos yesterday afternoon from the Tribute in
Light memorial the night before, another Connecticut Warbler materialized
on my computer screen. Poor photos of that can be found on eBird by
searching for the Tribute in Light hotspot and looking at the recent

Good Birding
-Doug Gochfeld. Brooklyn, NY.


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