Sixteen observers came out on Sunday night, the last night of the Nighthawk 
Watch, to look for nighthawks but were, alas, disappointed since none were 
observed. As a consolation prize several species of "winter" ducks have arrived 
in the pond next to the watch including Northern Shoveler, A. Wigeon both of 
which displayed males coming out of eclipse plumage.  

For the season (August 27th-October 6th) we saw 2,757 nighthawks in 4,276 
minutes logged, an average of .644 birds per minute. This figure was well above 
the totals for 2017 and 2018 in which we saw 2,046 and 2,018 birds, at a rate 
of .513 and.499 birds per minute, respectively. 

Thank you for coming out and participating. Hopefully, we'll see many of you 
again next year.  The Nighthawk Watch has become one of the go-to social events 
of the Three Village Area!! 

John Turner 

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