We birders are good at distinguishing between the improbable (e.g., seeing a 
Lined Seedeater in New York) and the imponderable (e.g., deliberately driving 
the Belt Parkway on a morning when one had been granted a reprieve from doing 
so). With a chance at the former as an inducement for the enduring the latter, 
I visited the Charles Memorial Park this morning, on the north shore of Jamaica 
Bay, directly north of the parking area where we stage for visits to the north 
end of the East Pond.

The male Lined Seedeater was skulky but still present, continuing from at least 
7 Sep:


I'm not sure why this bird has not garnered more attention within the birding 
community. Lined Seedeater is a trans-equatorial austral migrant and a 
plausible candidate for natural vagrancy to North America. There is a specimen 
from the Isles of Shoals, New Hampshire, from 8 August 1935 (MCZ), and records 
of vagrants north of the regular northern South American austral winter (our 
summer) range from Costa Rica, and from Guadeloupe--the latter from 6-7 Sep 
2017, perhaps not coincidentally almost exactly the date the present bird was 
found this year.

Shai Mitra
Bay Shore

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