Thanks for the report Angus

Mr. Williams was certainly quite detailed and excited about his find 
(rightfully so) but perhaps a wee bit hyperbolic:

“My heart jumped”;  “I was . . . freaking out” ;  “My heart just about leapt 
out of my chest”; “My fingers went slightly tingly”; “***Mega”

L Trachtenberg
Ossining (Not coastal so not expecting yellow-green vireo).
P.s. As to birds, Croton Point did have a Dickcissel on Sunday (I saw) and a 
Nelson’s sparrow last week (I didn’t)

<> On Behalf Of Angus Wilson
Sent: Wednesday, October 16, 2019 3:32 PM
Subject: [nysbirds-l] [Extralimital] Yellow-green Vireo in MA


On 15 Oct 2019, a YELLOW-GREEN VIREO was trapped twice at the Lighthouse on 
Monomoy Island, Cape Cod.

There are very few prior records from the East Coast, although one was trapped 
on 5 Sep 2011 at Plum Island MA. There is also a Bermuda record from 6 Oct 
1992. There are at least two records from Cape May, New Jersey, one from 26 Sep 
2018 and the other 23 May 2019.

Definitely something we should be watching for in coastal New York, both in the 
spring (May) and in the fall (Sep/Oct)!

Here is a photo of the latest bird including a nice comparison to Red-eyed 
Vireo by the Monomoy Bird Observatory banding team 
and a description of an independent sighting by Sean Williams 
Angus Wilson (New York City)
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