The Pelican now is at the south end of the east pond and can be 
seen well from the platform near John’s pond without a scopeSent using Zoho 
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American White Pelican at Jamaica Bay today============ Forwarded message 
============Apparently, the Pelican is favoring (hiding in) a cove at the north 
west side of the east pond. The best spot to view this bird is the north east 
corner of the pond. You Don't have to walk down to the edge of the water. I saw 
it from the path standing on a dry land just few hundreds feet from the A 
train, looking through the vegitations.  The best part is you don't have to 
have a scope or special boots. I wore a sneaker and used my binoculars and my 
camera only. The bird gave me a long interrupted  and unobstructed view. You 
can watch my video here: 



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