In the past few days, these birds were reported in the Cricket field but today 
this field was empy on two visits, 3 hours apart, due to the presence of 
raptors (Harrier, Kestrel, Cooper's and Red-tailed Hawk). The grass here is 
very short and doesn't provide much protection.
But while checking the field in front of the Aviator Center that has tall 
grass, I flushed a flock of 5 pipits that flew toward the golf course on the 
other side of Flatbush Ave across from the cricket field. 
I followed them and found out that the golf course is fenced in and I couldn't 
get in.
I went back to the field in front of the Aviator center and I flushed another 
flock of 11 pipits. But this time, they didn't fly away. They stayed in the 
same field and I was able to get photos and videos.
Here is a video of few of them:
Good luck finding them if you go there


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