Having my office move from across Bryant Park to Hudson Yards in April has been 
a tough birding experience.  Especially after one of my favorite vacant lots of 
wild trees and vegetation above 36th Street was bulldozed this summer.

Nevertheless, I got 30 species in the spring and over the summer I saw the 
Herring Gulls flock to the two green roofs over Jacob Javits and Postal 
Service, scare off all of the Ring-Billed Gulls, lay eggs, have fluffy grey 
fledgelings, and then depart en masse post-Hurricane Dorian in early September.

I’ve been able to add some species during the fall migration - typical for the 
fall, more sparrows and wrens.  There have been some late-staying Ovenbirds, 
Common Yellowthroats, and a Wood Thrush I would see occasionally.

But today I encountered my favorite from Bryant Park - my first American 
Woodcock - in the small garden plot north of 34th street by the construction 
wall on the west side.  It would scuttle up over the hill and out of sight as I 
would walk from one side to the other.  That’s species number 47!

Happy Birding,
Alan Drogin

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