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On Thu, Nov 14, 2019 at 3:06 PM Bob Grover <rgro...@gpinet.com> wrote:

> Folks,
> I have an Eastern Screech Owl currently residing in a box in my West Islip
> backyard..  This is her fifth year!  The first year, the pair fledged 5
> beautiful owlets in late May/early June 2015.  A chronology and photographs
> can be reviewed in the September, 2015 Kingbird.  In year two (2016), they
> fledged four.  In 2017 her nest failed, and I suspect that her mate died,
> because she returned last year with a new, much redder, much more
> aggressive mate, and they hatched either three or, more likely four.  They
> departed the box very late into the night while I was sleeping, making an
> accurate count impossible, and once fledged, they do not return to the
> box.  I’m am confident that the same female has been returning, as she has
> fairly distinctive, sandy blond coloration.  She departs in the first week
> of June, after all the owlets have fledged, and returns to the box
> typically in October, this year on the 18th.  So I am curious if anyone
> has had a screech owl nest for this many years, and what is typical.  I had
> been told, after year one, that they generally don’t reuse the same cavity
> in consecutive years. Apparently that wasn’t true.  I suppose I could
> research their lifespan, but I tend to be skeptical of published figures as
> they apply to wild animals.
> I bought a camera to mount inside the box, but I failed to get it
> installed before she returned last month.  The camera should prove
> entertaining and also safer, as that aggressive male smacked me in the back
> of my head last June,  to the amazement of my wife and some friends, when I
> got too close to a just-fledged owlet!
> Any helpful information would be appreciated.
> Bob Grover
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Ken Thompson
Sayville NY


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