Here is a sample letter I just wrote that copies heavily from the bill's
sponsor for its content. I know it is much easier to copy and paste than to
compose your own letter, so feel free to do so.

I am writing to urge you to sign S.4165/A.5767 into law. This important
bill would extend permanently protections for Jamaica Bay against dumping
hazardous dredged material that are currently set to expire in 2022.

The Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge is one of the most widely acknowledged and
respected bird sanctuaries in the Northeastern United States, and the bay
itself is an ecological treasure all New Yorkers can enjoy. People fish in
its waters year-round.

The constant threat from city, state and federal agencies to use the deep
portions of Jamaica Bay as a garbage dump for contaminated sediment has
long been one of the biggest threats to the future of the bay. While these
threats started to appear decades ago, they have found new supporters as
various dredging projects around the city have created a need to get rid of
sediment that is often contaminated. In addition, the research that has
more recently come to light highlights the amazing role that the deep
portions of the bay play in supporting massive amounts of marine life that
would cease to exist should they be filled in.

Please sign sign S.4165/A.5767.

Thank you,

Joshua Malbin

On Fri, Nov 15, 2019 at 10:12 PM Andrew Baksh <> wrote:

> Dear All,
> I hope I would count on your support. I am writing on behalf of the
> Jamaica Bay Ecowatchers. We need folks to contact Governor Cuomo and urge
> him to pass the Jamaica Bay Bill which would protect the bay from the
> dumping of harmful contaminants into its deep sections. The bill is
> awaiting his signature and if he does not call it up it will die.
> If you want to protect Jamacia Bay please take a few minutes to either call
> 518-474-8390 or email to
> <>
> and request that he pass assembly bill 5767 which is also Senate bill 4165
> which will protect Jamaica Bay. M
> Thank You.
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