Hi everyone,

I visited this goose today. Firstly, the bird is larger than I was
expecting, and very attractive. Like, really quite stunning. But on to
business; in the scope one can see it has a single oversized, unmarked
silver metal on its left leg, which is not consistent with any official
banding procedure in North America (or in the Old World, as far as I can
tell). Not shocking, but of course worth verifying. No other weird geese
amongst the flock. A dog spooked the flock, which took to the air briefly,
including the Emperor. I have photos on eBird, for reference:


eBird’s new help page suggests this bird may be eBirded as it is not
pinioned or in zoo. See:


Final thought: there is no place to park for this bird except street
parking along Hathaway Lane. Wish it were “needless to say”, but don’t be a
~turkey~ in the residential area, or else your name will probably be
dragged through the ~gravy~! ;)

Enjoy the holiday,


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