I saw this bird yesterday around 2:20 or so. I got distant but decent scope 
views of it facing me (no side views) and terrible phone-scoped photos which i 
will not upload to eBird though i will share them with the reviewers tomorrow.

Patricia Lindsay

Bay Shore

> On December 13, 2019 at 2:54 PM Jeanne <dylansmom...@yahoo.com> wrote:
>     So I decided to try again for this life bird. There were 2 peregrines on 
> 2 separate poles and then. 2 red tailed hawks came in and landed on another 2 
> poles. I took photos of them all..because no one has mentioned the raptures 
> before. Eventually the flock of RWBB, grackles, house finch, mourning dove 
> etc showed. I looked and looked through them all..I even took photos of the 
> huge flock to look through later. I really would like to see a photograph 
> that someone who reported this bird took. Because Iam beginning to this it is 
> not really there. Now I will go home and take some aspirin..lol Looking 
> through binoculars for 45 min at thousands of look a like birds will make you 
> crazy. On a serious note I would like to see some PHOTO EVIDENCE that this 
> bird actually exists in this location asap. Thanks
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