Went out today looking for these species and had some good luck.  The female 
King Eider at Sterling Forest S.P. in Tuxedo is still there showing nicely at 
the south end of the lake, but better to bring scope if it's not in close.  
It's viewed from the road to the slightly to the left after turning onto the 
entrance road to the headquarters from Long Meadow Rd.  People are not allowed 
to drive down this private road as it is marked, but you can park at the 
beginning on the left where the pull out is.  Then walk along the road til you 
get to the first opening by the lake on the right and you're there.  It was 
seen about half way out in the water.  
I also went to look for the Greater White-fronted Goose in Rye Brook and found 
it at the usual spot south of Bowman Ave.  The Emperor Goose I seem to keep 
missing.  I checked The Tarrytown Reservoirs, White PLains H.S., and the golf 
course east of Hathaway Lane in White Plains with no success.  I'm starting to 
think it's a ghost.   I did have two juvenile eagles, many Common Mergansers, 
and Buffleheads among others on the lakes at the different spots besides all 
the geese.
Lastly I was alerted to a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak at a private residence in 
Mamaroneck that was around for 4 days until 2 days ago.  Evidentily it's hasn't 
shown for the last two days.  Oh well.
Andrew v. F. Block
Consulting Naturalist
20 Hancock Avenue, Apt. 3
Yonkers, Westchester Co., New York 10705-4629 

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