On Sunday, December 15, 2019, Rockland Audubon Society (RAS) conducted its
73rd Christmas Bird Count.  Forty-two individuals conducted field counts
within the 10 count circle sub-regions. The field counters were joined by at
least 3 feeder counter (additional counters may not have reported in as of

The day was mostly overcast to partly sunny with temperatures during the
count ranging from 40 to 44°F. Dew Point temperatures ranged from 23 to
33°F. Sustained winds ranged from 1 to 7 mph with gusts 5 to 22 mph. Winds
were from the Southwest (mean = 245°, SD = 40°). Most waterbodies were
completely open and there was no snow on the ground.

Preliminary results are summarized below.

During count day, 87 species were detected. To date, an additional 3 species
have been detected during count week (Northern Shoveler, Long-tailed Duck,
and Golden-crowned Kinglet) bringing the species total to 90. In all, 20,406
individual birds were counted. The number of species is tied for the fourth
highest in the history of our count. The number of individuals, however, is
only slightly above the median count of 16,797.

Unusual Finds: Brant and Red-headed Woodpecker, both seen on 4 previous
counts, and Northern Pintail and Common Loon, both seen on 9 previous
counts. An American Black Duck X Mallard hybrid was reported for only the
8th time this year, but this hybrid is easily overlooked and is likely more
common than the count suggests.

High Counts: 75 Brant (25 in 2002), 152 Mute Swan (137 in 1998), 237 Hooded
Merganser (147 in 2013), 187 Black Vulture (122 in 2011), 143 Turkey Vulture
(105 in 2015), 8 Peregrine Falcon (5 in 2016), 11 Cooper’s Hawk (10 in
2012), 81 Red-tailed Hawk (68 in 2008).

Missed: Scaup spp.;  Ring-necked Pheasant; Ruffed Grouse; American Kestrel;
Killdeer; Red-breasted Nuthatch; Yellow-rumped Warbler; Field Sparrow;
Purple Finch; and Pine Siskin.


Alan Wells

Rockland Audubon Society

CBC Compiler


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