On Sunday 109 participants took to Central Park, in practically balmy
weather compared to last year, for 120th CBC. They counted 5,148 birds of
57 species. Despite some notable misses, for example Black-capped Chickadee
and Red-winged Blackbird (a count week bird), both the total number of
birds and species total falls well within the 20-year average for the park.
See preliminary count results below.

Other counts for the New Jersey Lower Hudson count circle took place at
Governor's Island, Randall's Island, Riverside Park, Inwood Hill Park,
Stuyvesant Town & Cove, East River & Corlear's Hook Parks, Bryant Park,
Tompkins Square Park, Washington Square Park, Harlem area parks Lower
Manhattan, and throughout Hudson and Bergen County. Preliminary reports
also indicate four Nashville Warblers were seen on counts in Upper
Manhattan, which is a record for the count circle.

The final results for Central Park and the entire NJLH circle will be
available at nycaudubon.org after count week ends!

Canada Goose 247
Wood Duck 1
Gadwall 3
American Black Duck 2
Mallard 256
Green-winged Teal 1
Northern Shoveler 608
Bufflehead 17
Hooded Merganser 10
Ruddy Duck 77
Pied-billed Grebe 1
Great Blue Heron 3
Turkey Vulture 1
Cooper's Hawk 9
Red-shouldered Hawk* 1
Red-tailed Hawk 14
American Kestrel 1
Peregrine Falcon 1
American Coot 2
Ring-billed Gull 142
Herring Gull 245
Great Black-backed Gull 61
Rock Pigeon 609
Mourning Dove 87
Red-headed Woodpecker 1
Red-bellied Woodpecker 46
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 16
Downy Woodpecker 21
Northern Flicker 11
Blue Jay 176
Common Raven 1
American Crow 53
Fish Crow 3
Tufted Titmouse 1
White-breasted Nuthatch 4
Brown Creeper 3
Carolina Wren 4
Winter Wren 1
Ruby-crowned Kinglet 5
Hermit Thrush 9
American Robin 247
Gray Catbird 1
Northern Mockingbird 8
European Starling 216
Chipping Sparrow* 2
Fox Sparrow 15
Dark-eyed Junco 34
White-throated Sparrow 924
Song Sparrow 14
Swamp Sparrow 1
Eastern Towhee 5
Northern Cardinal 93
Rusty Blackbird 1
Common Grackle 41
House Finch 27
American Goldfinch 18
House Sparrow 747

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