On Saturday, December 14, 2019, Ralph T. Waterman Bird Club conducted their
annual Christmas Bird Count. 32 field observers and 7 feeder watchers
counted 75 species, 26,912 birds. Weather was 36-57 degrees with NW wind
0-8 mph. Intermittent light rain and light to heavy fog persisted through
most of the day.
*Missing species*: Gadwall, Am. Wigeon, Scaup species, Common Goldeneye, N.
Harrier, Red-breasted Nuthatch, Winter Wren, Purple Finch, Common Redpoll,
Pine Sisken, Snow Bunting and Common Yellowthroat.
*Unusual numbers*: include a decrease in the following species:Canada Goose
(1013), Red-tailed Hawk (34), Fish Crow (713), and American Robin (56). An
increase in the following species: Ring-necked Duck (100), Wild Turkey
(62), Rock Pigeon (77),Blue Jay (72), American Crow (6858),Tufted Titmouse
(84), European Starling (659), Cedar Waxwing (154), House Sparrow (265),
House Finch (97), Dark-eyed Junco (180), White-throated Sparrow (294), Song
Sparrow (173), Red-winged Blackbird (865), and Common Grackle (190).
*Unusual species*: Osprey (2) last counted in our CBC in 2001, Red-headed
Woodpecker (2)- last recorded in 2009, Ruby-crowned Kinlget (1), and a
lone, male Rose-breasted Grosbeak-last recorded in 1966.
Adrienne Popko
Ralph T Waterman Bird Club CBC Compiler


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