The Smithtown Count was held on Friday, December 27 amidst cloudy, calm, mild 
conditions with daytime temperatures in the low 50's.  We tallied 106 species 
that included the following highlights:

1   Snow Goose

1   Pink-footed Goose

2   Cackling Goose

2   Canvasback

7   Common Eider

82 Common Merganser

2   Red-necked Grebe

2  Virginia Rail

6   Purple Sandpiper

1   Wilson's Snipe

12 Razorbill

1   Black-headed Gull

2   Northern Gannet

1   Northern Harrier

45 Eastern Screech Owl

17 Great Horned Owl

4   Northern Saw-Whet Owl

1   American Kestrel

3   Merlin

4   Peregrine Falcon

1   Eastern Phoebe

14 Common Raven

5   Marsh Wren

2  Eastern Bluebird

17 Snow Bunting

1 Chipping Sparrow

1   Yellow-breasted Chat

1   Baltimore Oriole

1   Orange-crowned Warbler

Count Week:  Wild Turkey, Lesser Black-backed Gull

Notable misses of birds that we get with some regularity included:

Wood Duck

Pied-billed Grebe

Double-crested Cormorant

Great Cormorant

Black-crowned Night Heron


Fish Crow (ouch!)

American Tree Sparrow (first miss since 1939)

Savannah Sparrow

Many thanks to all of our dedicated participants, and a special thanks to Marc 
Oliveri for coordinating our compilation venue at the Sweetbriar Farms Nature 
Center in Smithtown, and also Sean Duffy, who as our count archivist enriches 
our compilation with insightful anecdotes of the long history of the Smithtown 

Richard Gostic


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