Joe Giunta and I (Sy Schiff) arrived at the Gatsby Playground site as a group 
of birders was leaving. They told us where the PAINTED BUNTING was and we soon 
found it. It fed while we watched, but within the reeds making pictures always 
obscured by branches and stems.  No problem, we’re birders not photographers.

Next stops, field #6, but no Iceland Gull nor a Black-headed Gull at Jones 
Island bar where we stopped. The road leaving the West End #2 lot, overlooked a 
field surrounded on one side by photographers, lots of them.  We looked where 
they were looking and saw the SNOWY OWL that has been hanging out there.  It 
was resting on the ground.  (There is no need to hide its location. The world 
was there all taking pictures).

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