*Please Join us!*

*The Galapagos: Home of Evolution*
*Presented by Bobbi Manian and Tom Stephenson*

*January 21 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm*

*Note: This meeting will be held at the Brooklyn Public Library, Central

Six hundred miles off the coast of mainland Ecuador sit a chain of volcanic
islands that are home to a range of fascinating and unique animals. Because
of its isolation, the Galapagos has served as a workshop in evolution. The
slight variation of some of the birds from island to island triggered the
imagination of Charles Darwin, which led him to develop his world-changing
theory of evolution.

For this talk we’ll discuss the historical significance of the islands and
show lots of photos of the birds, reptiles and mammals that live there
including sharks, iguanas that swim, albatross, penguins, tree finches,
cactus finches, ground finches and, of course, tortoises.

Come and learn what it’s like to visit this unique area.

*Bobbi Manian* is a retired engineer who took up birding as her second
career eight years ago. Her main birding interest is county birding; she
enjoys scouring all corners of Brooklyn, finding migrants, rarities and the
occasional dead body. Bobbi is an active volunteer with the Brooklyn Bird
Club. She leads the Tuesday Migration Walks in Prospect Park during spring
and fall migration. She coordinates the BBC’s bird-a-thon in May, their
yearly fundraiser for conservation causes. She is also the Brooklyn team
organizer for the National Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count, a bird census
dating back 120 years. Bobbi recently tore herself away from Brooklyn to
join Tom Stephenson on a Galapagos trip he was leading, enticed by the
glamour of life on a yacht and the promise of Swallow-tailed and Lava gulls.

*Tom Stephenson’s* articles and photographs are in museums and many
publications including Birding, Birdwatcher’s Digest, Handbook of the Birds of
the World, Handbook of the Mammals of the World, Birds of Madagascar, and
Guide to the Birds of SE Brazil. He holds the US record for a photo big day
and is the co-author of The Warbler Guide book and app.


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