THE standout individual bird in terms of the genuinely-rare continuance of its 
stay far into the winter, in New York County, part of which contains all of the 
island of Manhattan, is a VEERY, still being seen & photographed by multiple 
observers at Bryant Park, in “midtown” or to be a bit more specific, between 
West 40th and West 42nd Streets, just east of Sixth Avenue, Manhattan.  This 
Veery has been present for more than 2 months and may have been in that park or 
area for even longer, as virtually all others of its species would have 
departed the United States (all of them) well before the above-noted time span, 
likeliest departing for South America as of September or at latest October (in 
any year).

Another unusual-for-date bird in New York county of late has been a 
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron, at Randall’s Island, a species that is not 
typically found in winter months in the region; this single bird also being 
seen & photographed by multiple observers.

Eleven BLACK Vultures were seen, and most also photographed, flying over Inwood 
Hill Park in northern Manhattan, by N. O’Reilly on Sunday, 19 January, a high 
number of that species for the county, as well as a fairly good number for a 
midwinter day in this region.  

A female-like Boat-tailed Grackle has continued to be seen & photographed in 
Central Park, thru at least Sunday, 19 January, by multiple observers, this 
likely the least common species for that park thru this winter so far, despite 
the presence of the following bird in the same park.

A first year plumaged RED-HEADED Woodpecker has been continuing, seen by many 
hundreds of observers this winter, still just west of the N. Meadow ball fields 
in Central Park, Manhattan - and east of the nearest park entry at Central Park 
West & W. 100th Street.  This woodpecker continues its slow, typical molt and 
changeover to adult color, all of which might be seen by mid spring. It may be 
seen (and found) to best advantage on brighter days, esp. those with some sun.
Bryant Park in midtown Manhattan, in addition to hosting the lingering Veery as 
noted above, has had a long lingering American Woodcock, as well as at least 
one Common Yellowthroat, through the recent ups & downs in wintry weather here.
Two Common Ravens were seen by 2 keen observers, M. Adams & J. Ward, at 
Roosevelt Island, just east of Manhattan, on Sunday, 19 January.  This species 
has been increasingly noted in the region as well as in N.Y. City in the last 

Among the at least 8 species of sparrows lingering in New York County this 
winter have been VESPER, & Chipping, the latter sparrow species in the 
multiple, heretofore unheard of for midwinter in such numbers this far into 
winter, but in keeping with very high numbers of Chipping Sparrow recorded 
region-wide this winter to January. We also have less-unusual winterers such as 
Field, Savannah, [Red] Fox, Swamp, & commonly wintering Song & White-throated 
Sparrows, plus Slate-colored Junco and E. Towhee in the multiple.

A full list of wintering species for Manhattan and New York County may be 
compiled and reported here by February.   

Thanks to the many avid, ethically minded observers who watch without 
disturbing our birds, all year round, which is the obvious way to go on 
observing in this new millennium. Ask all others to please observe, at a 
minimum, the guidelines of the American Birding Association for ethical 
birding, which are easily available on-line to all. They are scientifically 
accepted - and are also plain commonsense for all of us.

Good winter birding,

Tom Fiore


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