Patricia Lindsay and I followed up on Bruce's discovery today. The area where 
he found the bird looks great, with some natural juniper habitat closely 
resembling the chosen sites of prior solitaires on LI, plus various ornamental 
conifers in nearby yards. This area was, however, almost completely birdless 
throughout our visit (about an hour, around mid-day). We split up and walked 
the nearby streets and it was hardly a surprise when Pat called me to let me 
know she had found it! The place where we observed the solitaire was a fair 
distance from the original site, in rather unremarkable-looking oak woods at 
the north end of Three Mile Harbor Drive.

Shai Mitra
Bay Shore
[] on behalf of Bruce Horwith 
Sent: Sunday, February 9, 2020 5:12 PM
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Subject: [nysbirds-l] Townsend's Solitaire. East Hampton

There is a path off 3 Mile Harbor Drive (which is off Hands Creek Rd), halfway 
between Harvest Lane and Monument Lane. The bird was by itself, no robins or 
other birds present, as it gave good views perched on top of trees on either 
side of the road. Clear white eyering and buffy patches on wings. I took some 
photos that I hope to post, once I figure out how to upload them from the 
camera I borrowed.

Bruce Horwith
16 Salt Marsh Path
East Hampton, NY 11937
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