Tomorrow evening, February 11th, 2020 the Linnaean Society of New York
2019/2020 Speaker Program will feature two new presentations sure to be of
interest to New York birders:


6:00 PM:  Jake LaBelle - "The New York Seascape: Promoting Marine
Conservation in Our Ocean Backyard"

The New York Bight encompasses more than 16,000 square miles of coastal and
ocean waters from Montauk, New York, to Cape May, New Jersey. It is an
ecological treasure trove, providing critical migration routes for globally
threatened species, including sea turtles, whales, and sharks, as well as a
nursery ground and critical habitat for hundreds of other marine species.
With over 20 million people living along this coastline and one of the
busiest ports in the world, these waters and wildlife face significant
challenges. The Wildlife Conservation Society's NY Seascape program, based
at the New York Aquarium, seeks to protect and restore threatened species
and critical habitat, encourages smart ocean planning to ensure a place for
wildlife in our busy waters, and works to build ecological resilience in
nearshore and river habitats.


Jake LaBelle is the Research Program Officer in the Wildlife Conservation
Society's New York Seascape Program.  He oversees various field studies
underway in the New York area, including acoustic and satellite tagging of
several shark species in NY waters as well as monitoring American eels in
the rivers of southern New York.  Jake holds an M.A. in Marine Conservation
and Policy from Stony Brook University.



7:30 PM:  Joshua Hammer - "The Falcon Thief: A Tale of Adventure,
Skullduggery, and the Search for the Perfect Bird"

"The Falcon Thief" is a rollicking true crime yarn that follows the parallel
lives of a veteran wildlife detective from Liverpool, Andy McWilliam, and
his quarry, Jeffrey Lendrum, a globetrotting falcon-egg thief and smuggler
who raided remote wildernesses for two decades. Both men were amateur
ornithologists, athletes, and lovers of the outdoors. Their lives collided
at Birmingham Airport in May 2010, when police found, strapped inside socks
around Lendrum's body, fourteen live eggs of the Peregrine Falcon, seized
from aeries in southern Wales.  McWilliam began digging into Lendrum's
background and unraveled a tale almost too bizarre to be believed. In a
quest for the strongest, fastest raptors on earth, he had traveled to the
frigid Arctic tundra, the jungles of Sri Lanka, and the volcanoes of Tierra
Del Fuego, among other remote nesting locales, ultimately smuggling eggs to
a drop-off point in Dubai. Hammer will unravel Lendrum's untold saga, delve
into the Middle Eastern falcon obsession, and introduce a tight-knit circle
of wildlife detectives, led by McWilliam, waging a battle to protect
endangered species against environmental predators.


Joshua Hammer was born in New Rochelle, New York and graduated from
Princeton University. He joined the staff of Newsweek in 1988 and, in 1992,
moved to Nairobi to become their sub-Saharan Africa Bureau Chief. After 14
years as a bureau chief and correspondent at large on five continents, he
left Newsweek in 2006 to return to freelance writing. "The Falcon Thief" is
Hammer's fourth non-fiction book, and he has won numerous journalism awards,
including the 2016 National Magazine Award for Best Reporting. He is based
in Berlin, Germany, and continues to travel widely.



Both presentations are free and will be held in the Linder Theater on the
first floor of the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.
Enter at West 77th Street between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue. All


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