From: Patricia Lindsay <<>>
Date: Sun, Feb 16, 2020 at 8:26 PM
Subject: Tundra Swans Negative report Watermill/Bridgehampton Suffolk Co.
To: <<>>

I spent the better part of the afternoon searching the various fields and ponds 
in the Watermill and Bridgehampton area for the elusive Tundra Swans with no 
luck. A flock of about 3000 Canada Geese on the Watermill Mill Pond later 
relocated to a field on Deerfield Ave. but I could not detect any swans among 
them either on the pond or in the field. This was the only sizeable flock of 
geese anywhere. I also checked Mecox Bay, as well as Sagaponack Pond. When I 
returned to one of the corn fields on Head of the Pond Road afterward, a hunter 
had set up a few decoy geese and a blind. I've witnessed far too much waterfowl 
carnage this season to stick around for the afternoon "sporting" session, which 
I can only hope resulted in disappointed hunters.

Most notable was a flock of 380 Canvasbacks on Mill Pond in Watermill. 
Otherwise, a flock of 120 Red-winged Blackbirds on Lopers Lane was a harbinger 
of spring,  and a flock of about 50 American Crows on Cooks Lane interacting 
and talking, plus scattered decent-sized flocks of White-throated Sparrows and 
Dark-eyed Juncos in various places, caught my attention.

There are so many fields (many inaccessible to view) and so many ponds from 
Hook Pond to Watermill, those swans could be anywhere. Or possibly gone 
already, with the spring weather already upon us.

Patricia Lindsay
Bay Shore


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