Leave it to me to stir the pot on this atlas. I've had some doubts since I
started hearing things about the format this time around. I haven't delved
into it too much so far - since it has been winter. So I had to do a double
take when I got the atlas newsletter at the end of February saying that 12
species had already been confirmed as breeders. 


Fast forward to today, as I saw two species sitting on nests. So I figured
it was time for me to figure out how to use the atlas portal on e-bird. I
knew going in I was going to see long lists that included wintering birds
and migrants - where I'd like to see breeding information. But it's a bit
more than that. It seems ripe for errors of various kinds. Just to cite one
example under the heading of "what's going on here?", I see that Bufflehead
- a species not recorded on the previous atlases - is "probable" in seven
blocks. And it's only March 12. The times they are a changin'. 



Steve Walter 


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