Monday, 16 March - [west] Bronx County, N.Y. City:

A fairly brief look in a small portion of Van Cortlandt Park late in the day 
revealed at least a few nice birds for the last week of winter - an Eastern 
Meadowlark, a few Killdeer, and several E. Bluebirds all on the Parade Ground 
sports field off the east side of Broadway, & just north of W. 242 Street, in 
the Bronx (County) of N.Y. City.  Also, nearby in the swampy areas to the south 
of most of the V.C. Park golf course & east of the Parade Ground were at least 
a half-dozen Rusty Blackbirds (likely more), along with more common & typical 
wintering species.  I did not make a thorough search of even the Parade Ground, 
nor the nearby lake, so a full bird-list is not attached.  The Meadowlark & the 
other field-birds noted were all in the southwest quadrant of the large field, 
and most did not seem too skittish, although the meadowlark was to the extent 
any passersby came within about 25 yards.  This around 4:30-5:15 pm, and with 
various activities nearby.

good spatial-distancing & thus socially-acceptable birding,

Tom Fiore

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