For anyone that may not scour eBird, Brooklyn's third PABU this morning was 
found at 10:45 a.m. this morning at Plumb Beach in Brooklyn in the dune scrub 
just in front of the parking lot.Assuming a female given its all chartreuse 
green coloration. I would think a male would be molting into more colors by now 
but feel free to correct me.
The first one was found on 12-29-19 at Brooklyn Bridge Park and last reported 
on eBird 2-23-20. I believe this bird was starting to show some male coloration 
in the last few days of its being seen.
Another was a one day wonder (female type) at Canarsie Beach Park on 2-16-20, 
though it is possible if not likely this bird was around for longer but not 
heavily searched for since most everyone already had the BB bird for their year 
eBird checklist of today's individual with a few photos here:

Be well,Shane BlodgettBrooklyn NY

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