As we are nearing the end of the third month of New York Breeding Bird
Atlas III, I want to share three important news items that will make
atlasing easier now and in the coming months.

1. There has been some confusion about when to use the New York Breeding
Bird Atlas portal in eBird. To eliminate this confusion, the Atlas Steering
Committee has made the following decision:

*You should use the portal for all checklists in NY from now through 2024
when you are following block boundaries and actively keeping an eye out for
bird breeding behavior (and noting codes for behaviors you find).*

2. Birders also have been unsure about when to add breeding codes to their
eBird checklists, especially during the winter months. To make things
easier for field observers, the Atlas Steering Committee has simplified the
instructions for applying breeding codes:

*You should use breeding codes every time you observe breeding behavior,
whether it’s peak breeding season or not.*

3. Finally, the ability to see Atlas block boundaries is currently
available in eBird Mobile on Android devices and in beta testing on iOS.
This will make a huge difference in letting us know what Atlas block we are
in at all times.

Taken together, these three items should make atlasing much easier as
spring migrants start returning and breeding behavior ramps up in the
coming weeks and months!

In addition, while many people turn to outdoor activities to cope in these
turbulent times, please follow the recommended guidelines to prevent the
spread of COVID-19.

If you have any questions about any of these items, or anything else
related to the Atlas, please let me know.

Happy atlasing,



Julie Hart, Project Coordinator

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