3/24/20 - Larchmont Reservoir, Weaver St., Larchmont, NY
several Canada Geese (one pair mating)7+ Wood Ducks1 Gadwall2 American Black 
Ducksmany Mallardsseveral Ring-necked Ducks2 Lesser Scaup 2+ Hooded 
Mergansers10+ Ruddy Ducksseveral Rock Pigeons2 Mourning Doves2 Turkey Vultures2 
Red-tailed Hawks4 Red-bellied Woodpeckers (two mated)2 Downy Woodpeckers1 
Northern Flicker1 Eastern Phoebe3 Blue Jays6 American Crows1 Fish Crow2 Tree 
Swallows1 Northern Rough-winged Swallow2+ Black-capped Chickadees1 
White-breasted Nuthatch2 Carolina Wrens2 Golden-crowned Kinglets1 Hermit 
Thrush5 American Robins1 Gray Catbird1 Northern Mockingbird7 Cedar Waxwings3 
House Sparrows1 Yellow-rumped Warbler1 Eastern Towhee5 Song Sparrowsmany 
White-throated Sparrowsmany Dark-eyed Juncos5 Northern Cardinals
Also had some mating Wood Frogs and some Red-eared Sliders.
Andrew v. F. Block
Consulting Naturalist
20 Hancock Avenue, Apt. 3
Yonkers, Westchester Co., New York 10705-4629 

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1) http://www.mail-archive.com/nysbirds-l@cornell.edu/maillist.html
2) http://www.surfbirds.com/birdingmail/Group/NYSBirds-L
3) http://birding.aba.org/maillist/NY01

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