I’ve established a daily sunset routine I call prison yard time - about two 
hours birding outside at my nearest park - Riverside below 96th, after a day 
working in my apartment cell.   I’d already seen the early spring arrivals like 
Eastern Phoebes, Pine Warblers, and Golden-crowned Kinglets in previous weeks 
in Central Park - but I got my first Phoebe in Riverside Friday evening in a 
neat spot I just discovered, a sheltered puddle just south of the climbing rock 
behind the 83rd Street playground.  Also noted the big influx of Song Sparrows 
and Slate-colored Juncos - over 50 of the latter dining on freshly-lain grass 
seed in the slope behind the Hippo Playground.  Mixed among the Juncos were two 
Chipping Sparrows in breeding plumage.

Stay safe and healthy,
Alan Drogin

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