While conducting the Alley Creek Hawk Watch, a little after 4:00 I spotted
what I believe to be a Sandhill Crane. Here are the comments submitted to


Having seen 100 migrating Great Blue Herons today (and 7 Great Egrets), I
think I'd recognize a different looking long necked and long legged bird.
Migrating very high and past me when I got on it, so head not well seen. But
flying with neck outstretched. Even gray coloring. It should have looked
darker given the viewing conditions, but clearly lighter colored than the
Great Blues. And because of the lighter color, I ruled out Glossy Ibis. More
slender looking than Great Blues. Migrating eastward, whereas Great Blues
were going east-northeast or northeast.   



I mentioned the 100 Great Blue Herons (exact count, not an estimate). That
was the highlight of today's migration watch. Most were between 9:30 and
10:30, and then after 4:00 (including a group of 26).


Raptor highlights for the weekend were 3 Black Vultures Saturday and 14 Bald
Eagles for the two days. That brings the season total to 46. I could never
have envisioned that for a Long Island watch, much less the spring. The most
numerous migrants have been Turkey Vulture and Osprey (a nice for spring
total of 29 today).



Steve Walter

Bayside, NY



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