I spent some of the day birding at Robert Moses SP (followed by a brief drive 
through other spots along the barrier beach), looking for any migrants in the 
wake of yesterday's storm.  Despite a lack of numbers and diversity, there were 
still some interesting birds.
The highlight was an unseasonable Cave Swallow, that was studied well as it 
flew down the dune line at Robert Moses Field 2, in the east-to-west trickle of 
swallows.  It was obvious compared to the other swallows with its buffy orange 
rump patch, and readily distinguishable from CLSW by its contrasting 
beige/pale-orange throat creating a distinctive dark-capped appearance.
There was also some evidence of migration likely due to the storm, such as a 
few Indigo Buntings along the barrier strip, a gnatcatcher feeding in the sand 
at the eastern tip of Captree (likely freshly-arrived off the ocean), and an 
early singing Common Yellowthroat at Oak Beach among others.  
I'm sure there could be more slingshots waiting to be found or still arriving 
off the ocean today and tonight. It is definitely some incentive to do some 
safe and responsible social-distance birding at a local patch over the next few 
Best,Mike McBrien


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