It occurred to me while driving home in upstate, New York - I've been
seeing fewer road-kill E. Screech Owls lately.

It used to be a fairly regular, albeit unfortunate, occurrence to see a
dead Screech Owl alongside the road. I would often stop to check the color
morph and to see if any were banded, or if any were salvageable for

It's a crude census method - the more animals, the more road-kills. You see
that in the boon years of squirrels, skunks, and other critters. And we saw
that a few years ago with the winter incursion of Barred Owls - a spike in
the number of road-kill Barred Owls throughout the northeast USA.

Nowadays, I hardly see any E. Screech Owls alongside the road. I should be
glad about that. But does it indicate a more ominous note?

Owls are hard enough to census as it is. But could my anecdotal observation
of fewer road-kills indicate fewer E. Screech Owls out there?

Rich Guthrie

New Baltimore,

The Greene County, NY

Richard Guthrie


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