What happened? Can you give more details, please.
I know this lovely lady and you made me worried. 
Has she contracted COVID 19? or something happened while she was birding?

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 > List serve purists, please forgive my non birding post.
 > If any subscribers know the whereabouts of one "Lotus Winnie Lee,” who works 
 > at  Gouverneur Hospital. Please contact Jean Shum at acuga...@gmail.com).
 > For those of you getting out and birding, please be very careful. Safety 
 > comes first.
 > For anyone who is feeling lonely and downtrodden during this time and could 
 > use bit of contact/comfort either via e-mail or phone call. Please contact 
 > me offline. I would be happy to give you my time!
 > Stay safe and check in on your fellow peeps.
 > Cheers,
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