Great news about Lotus, thank you Patrick.

This afternoon right after the passing severe thunderclap,  around 3:30 I had 
an Orchard Oriole first-year male hooping and calling around the meridian 
marshy area in Pier One, Brooklyn Bridge Park. Thank you David B for helping 
with the remote ID.

I’ve posted photos (digiscoped) to ebird As I was on my run. Bright yellow 
breast, black head and nape, white wing patches. Rattling a few times and 
oriole-like whistling.

This bird was still there until 4:30 very active and calling.

-Jonathan Andrew Pérez 

Please excuse my brevity.  Sent from my iPhone

> On Apr 21, 2020, at 7:24 PM, patrickhoran <> wrote:
> Apparently lotus winnie is o.k.,I just thought an update for those concerned 
> was in order.
> Not feeling great but o.k. for now and she appreciates all the concern people 
> have shown for her.
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