Prof. Kathleen Lynch of Hofstra University needs help in finding nests 
parasitized by cowbirds, for her latest study.  She has just received a grant 
to understand how the brain of a young cowbird develops, and she needs a few 
nestlings, who would be destroyed.  

If you would like to assist Prof. Lynch, please make note of the location of 
any cowbird-parasitized nests you may find, using GPS coordinates or by marking 
the viewpoint with a ribbon or otherwise.  Then, please contact her so that she 
may retrieve the cowbird nestling - don’t do it yourself! - she has the 
necessary federal and state permits to do so.  Email 

In 2017, Prof. Lynch visited Queens County Bird Club and presented an excellent 
lecture on adult cowbird brain differences compared to nest-builders. To read 
more about her work, see    

To find out more about cowbird egg and nestling identification, see

Nancy Tognan 

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