Sunday, Mother’s Day - May 10th

A fine morning & mid-day of birding in Central Park (Manhattan, N.Y. City) with 
Brenda Inskeep and other birders also along the way. Highlights for me included 
a male BLUE GROSBEAK spotted & called by Brenda at the far-north end of the 
park’s wooded area, as well as the long-lingering RED-HEADED WOODPECKER also 
spotted by B.I. as we waited a bit for it to show up - which it did by flying 
across the park’s W. Drive roadway, to the west side & sitting in a tree there 
for a while; later it went back to its more-usual set of trees to the east of 
the park roadway, this all about near W. 98th Street.  We also found a good 
many warblers, thrushes, vireos, & sparrows, plus an ongoing parade of R.-br. 
Grosbeaks & B. Orioles & others.  We were especially happy to find a ‘pair’ 
(which could now be a pair) of Brown Thrashers.  The day warmed & many many 
park-goers were coming out to enjoy some sun & fresh air.

Happy Mom’s day to all moms and their families,

and good birding,

Tom Fiore

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