A late morning birding trip to Hunters Garden proved both quiet and productive. 
Highlights included numerous singing ovenbirds; several pine warblers involved 
in what appeared to be territorial skirmishes as they sort out boundaries; a 
hermit thrush that provided several close-up looks; a blue-grey gnatcatcher 
building a nest already adorned with lichens; a flicker excavating a cavity; a 
drop dead prolonged view of a radiant, male northern parula; a pair of chipping 
sparrows; and what I assume to be a mated pair of scarlet tanagers alongside 
the road on the way in, with both flying down to the road to catch insects. 
Also, several Spring Azures, several skippers patrolling up and down the sandy 
road, a Painted Lady, and what appeared to be an elfin species although I 
couldn't identify it as to species.

Ran into Steve Biasetti and friends who saw wood thrush, and several other 
warbler species. 

John Turner     

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