"In fact, I saw more Brewster's warblers yesterday than I did golden-wings"
Could this hybridization contribute to the threat facing the already rare 

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 > Sterling Forest was eerily quiet yesterday. I've never seen the place that 
 > empty, of birds and people. I still ended up seeing 55 species, including 14 
 > warbler species ,(I've never been so disappointed with such a high count). 
 > There was one golden-wing at the base of the hill, heading north on the 
 > power line trail at the end of Ironwood Dr. Further north, up the hill was a 
 > Brewster's warbler singing his little heart out. In fact, I saw more 
 > Brewster's warblers yesterday than I did golden-wings, one on the power line 
 > trail and one on the rifle range trail on the east side of Long Meadow Rd. 
 > And what's really amazing is that I'm fairly certain those are the exact 
 > same Brewster's I saw, in those exact same spots, singing the same unusual 
 > songs,  the last time I was there, 2 YEARS AGO! 
 > The other thing that struck me was that the golden-wings are going to be in 
 > trouble there and for once the culprits aren't humans. It's the beavers. 
 > They've dammed up the stream that runs through the swamp at the bottom of 
 > the hill on the east side of the power line trail (as you head north), 
 > creating an enormous pond and inundating a large tract of golden-wing 
 > nesting habitat. Beaver ponds that drowned warbler habitat at the rifle 
 > range and Blue Lake have been recently drained and the tussock sedge that 
 > the warblers nest in has regrown, but the beavers cut down so many trees and 
 > drowned so many others. The golden-wings (in Sterling Forest at least) like 
 > their nests to be in swamp forest not open swamp so I don't know if they are 
 > going to be able to move back in. It's hard times for everyone these days. 
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